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Special Events

From time to time, the Training Center will offer special event training.  These events are typically skills assessment tests.  They are meant to test the Crime Scene Investigator’s knowledge in various areas.   Traditional classroom training is not provided for these events.  Participants will be given a brief and set out to process their given scenario.  At the end of the event, an instructor will debrief the participants.  This includes critiquing their actions and give guidance on how to improve on deficient areas.   A report can also be generated for the  participant’s agency.  If you have any questions, please contact the Training Center.

Refer to the Calendar Page for scheduled Events

Mass Shooting Exercise

Description: This one day event presents a mass shooting scene for the students to process.  Team leaders will be assigned and the teams will be given a brief to include dispatch/radio traffic, search warrants and general scene information.  They will then systematically and methodically process the scene to the best of their ability.  Observers will document and assess their actions.  Once the exercise has concluded, an in depth debrief will be conducted and the students will be evaluated on their actions.  Students will be provided with any guidance that might help them on a future mass shooting scene.  A full critique will be completed and provided to

the students and their supervisors.

Hours: 10        

General Skills Assessment Workshop

Description: Skills Assessment Workshops are customizable events that allow Crime Scene Investigators to be evaluated in their knowledge of crime scene processing skills.  Typically the day would include fingerprinting, DNA/Trace documentation and collection, impression evidence documentation and collection and photography exercises.  This event is all hands-on.  Students will be evaluated during each exercise and critiqued at the end of the day.  The instructor will provide feedback and help the students overcome any issues they may have had during training.

Hours: 8        

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